GatesAir Incorporates Burk Technology's SNMP Plus for RF Monitoring

Companies will show RF monitoring, remote control system at 2016 NAB Show
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CINCINNATI, Ohio�Wireless, over-the-air content delivery provider GatesAir and monitoring and control equipment manufacturer Burk Technology have announced a new partnership that will focus on IP connectivity for remote control and monitoring of transmitters and RF systems. The collaboration simplifies the interface and installation of the companies� systems, allowing Burk�s SNMP Plus to control the transmitter, monitoring signals and log performance data.

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The SNMP Plus enables ARC Plus Touch users to monitor and control local or remote site equipment through simple network management protocol over IP. Users can then assign specific outputs and alarms from GatesAirFlexiva radio transmitters and map them to channels in the Burk system. The AutoPilot PC-based graphical management tool features transmitter parameters as part of an integrated control interface for the remote facility.

The integration also helps provide control and visibility into GatesAir Intraplex STL systems and transport architectures�legacy and IP�as well as environmental systems, generators, main and backup power, RF and antenna systems and signal path devices. Automated repair functions are also available to address fault conditions.

GatesAir and Burk Technology will showcase their new partnership, as well as the SNMP Plus system, at the 2016 NAB Show.