GatesAir to Intro New HD Radio Importer/Exporter Combo at NAB Show

FMXi 4g provides dynamic time and audio correction
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MASON, Ohio — GatesAir will introduce its FMXi 4g and other new HD Radio enhancements for audio and data transport at the 2018 NAB Show, April 9–12 in Las Vegas.

In addition to “virtually eliminating maintenance through a fully embedded architecture that combines both functions” the new FMXi 4g is the first HD Radio Importer/Exporter solution to provide dynamic time and audio correction.

GatesAir FMXi 4g

“Diversity Delay is a critical component of the HD Radio listening experience...the GatesAir-exclusive algorithm inside the FMXi 4g ensures proper time alignment between analog (FM) and digital (HD Radio) signals, and improves the listener experience by removing the objectionable blending artifacts” according to the company.

The removal of a standalone, computer-based Importer or Exporter eliminates the boot-up process, removes moving parts and frees broadcasters from “troublesome PC-based applications.” HD Radio implementation is simplified by “integrating the Importer and Exporter and eliminating complex external networks, clocking and GPS references between disparate systems which, substantially raises the possibility of packet loss and other imperfections,” according to the company.

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GatesAir will also demo how its new Intraplex IPConnect device for reliable and secure data transport can more effectively manage large data payloads across the E2X connection.

“The seamless integration of IPConnect into the Gen4 architecture smooths the very heavy signal bursts that are common across the E2X path,” said Rich Redmond, chief product officer, GatesAir. “The quality of service significantly improves through a reduction in dropouts and buffering instances that have long challenged HD Radio broadcasters.” 

Check out the FMXi 4g during the show at Booth N3703.


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