GatesAir Transitions WRLY-LP to IP Networking Solution

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GatesAir Transitions WRLY-LP to IP Networking Solution

Nov 4, 2014 3:42 PM

RALEIGH�A low-power FM station in North Carolina has transitioned to an IP transport architecture for studio-to-transmitter link connectivity using GatesAir.

The GatesAir Intraplex IP Link intelligent networking solution enabled WRLY-LP in Raleigh to efficiently move program audio and data over a studio-to-transmitter path that offered no line of sight for traditional fixed RF STL connections.

The station made the switch following its studio relocation, creating a greater distance to the transmitter.

WRLY selected the IP Link based on its feature-to-price ratio, including support for the Ogg Opus audio codec. The Ogg Opus audio coding incorporates technology from the Skype-developed, speech-oriented SILK codec and CELT, a low-latency music codec. The company says Opus'' strengths are quality audio and low delay.

�IP was readily available, more cost-efficient than an enterprise T1 solution, and eliminated the challenges of erecting rooftop structures in a commercial zone,� said Steven White, owner of WRLY-LP. �I was an early adopter of voice over IP technology, and had been monitoring the capabilities of Opus from an audio quality perspective. Much of our music library has been encoded in high-end formats, so I needed a codec that wouldn''t over-compress the audio and develop artifacts in the stream.�

WRLY also benefits from the built-in redundancy of Dynamic Stream Splicing. This feature allows the primary stream to borrow data from the secondary in the event of dropped packets en route to the transmitter.

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