Glenn Beck Chooses Blue

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Glenn Beck Chooses Blue

Mar 9, 2009 9:53 AM

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Love him or not, conservative talk show host Glenn Beck is hard to ignore. The Washington state native endured numerous hardships while growing up, including the suicide of his mother, but leveraged his passion for radio into a career that continues to blossom. Today, the Glenn Beck Program can be heard on more than 200 radio affiliates of the Premiere Radio Networks and the Internet.

Hands-on with the technology he uses, Glenn Beck is a devoted fan of Blue microphones who had the company custom design a pair of mics for him. "Glenn's very aware of the sound quality of the equipment he uses," said John Krehly, manager; East Coast engineering department, Premiere Radio Networks. "He relies on his support staff to introduce him to the latest and greatest technical advances.

"When television was introduced to his business portfolio, Glenn was very clear that he had the opportunity to shift the 'picture' of what radio looked like in the minds of Americans. He looked long and hard for something that not only had the highest audio quality but was also iconic in its appearance. To insure that the Blue microphones he chose would stand out no matter what clothing he was wearing Glenn made the decision to have both mics dipped in chrome.

"Having been in the radio business since he was 13 years old, and spending many hours in recording studios, Glenn has obviously used many different microphones. Prior to finding Blue, his favorite mics were made by Nuemann. The Blue microphone provides not only quality that is comparable to the best microphones made, they have a price that makes them affordable to users who aren't Saudi sheiks. In our business the voice is the ONLY thing that matters. We cannot afford to sacrifice for price. It's refreshing to find a company that understands that.

"Glenn is very aware of sound texture, and what he calls shadow. He is a modern storyteller and pushes the dynamic range every hour he's on the air. From the softness of a whisper, where he insists that he wants people to be able to hear the saliva in his mouth, to the comedic top of the lungs frothing at the mouth, Glenn needs a microphone that can respond quickly and accurately. Whether he speaks directly into a Blue or moves three feet away from it, these microphones respond and paint the picture as perfectly as the best brush in an artist's box."

In 2006, The Glenn Beck Program moved into Radio City at Rockefeller Center. Why? "We made the move to Radio City using the same thinking that was behind our purchase of the Blue microphones," said Krehly. "Too many radio professionals have forgotten why they got into this business. No one goes into radio to enhance shareholder value!

"Glenn believes that we all entered radio to be a part of the magic that was created in our heads by the best broadcasters of the past. Radio City was home to the great masters of the medium, including Bob Hope, Orson Welles and Edgar Bergen. This location is a daily reminder for Glenn of why got into the business. Blue microphones are the most important tools in his box as he tries to create magic every day."