Glensound Electronics Call Classic

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Glensound Electronics Call Classic

Jan 10, 2011 11:19 AM, By Erin Shipps, associate editor

Phone-in system

A four-line phone-in system with options of a POTS digital hybrid or an ISDN G711/G722 codec for each of the four caller lines, Call Classic allows a mixture of POTS and ISDN lines on the same system. The POTS hybrid ensures up to -76dB separation on each caller line and consistent caller output levels across all four lines. The Call Classic is unique in also featuring an ISDN codec with auto switching G722/G711 algorithms. This enables traditional ISDN links to outside broadcasts using the G722 standard, as well as the option to use G711 to connect with a normal POTS line. The main inputs and outputs of the system are available in the 1RU 19" subrack -- the Call Classic Base Station. System controller and communication are via a CAT-5 connection to the desktop Call Classic Controller. The Controller includes a phone handset, dialing keypad, and the routing buttons for all four caller lines. Two Controllers can be used on a single Base Station allowing a screener in a separate location, while the presenter puts them on air directly or via the Next function. The system can also be used in a self op mode with a single Controller.
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