Glensound Electronics COIN GT-013

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Glensound Electronics COIN GT-013

Sep 26, 2011 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

Commentary/intercom unit

The COIN range was established to produce hybrid commentary/intercom units. Glensound Electronics provided the commentary interface, with RTS/Telex providing the intercom interface. The COIN GT-013 is a single commentator system in the Glensound style featuring a microphone front end with low-noise preamps (48V switchable) and a compressor limiter system. The headphone monitoring section offers three inputs with adjustable level controls and left/right/both headphone switching. The first input features the commentators own voice, the second, a local input (program) and the third features the input from the Telex Intercom system. The top of the unit is a four-key Telex intercom panel integrated into the dedicated Glensound commentary box. Each of the four channels can be assigned to a location on any point of the Telex intercom matrix. The first three channels are selected and fixed by the operator using the rotary encoder and individual screen per channel, which are then fixed to those sources. The fourth acts as a roaming incoming feed; any non-assigned communication from the matrix will come through on input four and show its source in the display.
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