Harris Demos PR&E Studio Enhancements at 2012 Radio Show

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Harris Demos PR&E Studio Enhancements at 2012 Radio Show

Sep 19, 2012 3:27 PM

Dallas - Sep 19, 2012 - Harris Broadcast has introduced a series of features for analog and digital studio environments at the 2012 Radio Show, giving broadcasters more tools to empower on-air, production and networking capabilities in distributed and consolidated studio architectures.

Harris introduces programmable button panels that enhance routing capabilities and protect signal destinations, as well as standard metering designs across all Harris PR&E studio consoles to improve ease of use. New quad-meter enhancements for its largest console line also increase confidence metering for operators monitoring several on- and off-air sources at once.

The new smart, dynamic LCD button panels give operators and producers five programmable buttons to initiate audio routes or commands to and from any location. Foremost, the panels shield the air chain and other destinations from accepting undesired audio, maximizing protection in networked studio environments. This means that an on-air operator would need to approve a request from another studio to introduce that audio to the program. The buttons similarly protect for remote signal contributions, allowing operators to cleanly initiate mix-minus feeds on-air.

Operators benefit further from clarity on the actual owner of the audio source, with rich text and unique color screens offering clear visual information about where each signal originates. This is a key differentiator from competing systems that don't identify the origination point.

Harris offers its new programmable button panels on PR&E RMXdigital consoles, the VMReact logic processing engine and other PR&E VistaMax audio networking systems. VMReact, introduced at the 2011 Radio Show, is a virtual toolbox that allows studio operators and engineers to customize and automate multiple processes in networked studio environments. This includes everything from switching audio routes to creating contact closures for various events.

Harris enhances the look and feel of its metering applications at the Radio Show, introducing a standard design for meters, clocks and timers across its RMXdigital, NetWave and Oasis on-air/production consoles. Harris also introduces quad-meters for most RMXdigital consoles, allowing operators to monitor additional sources. This improves metering confidence by ensuring signal integrity for program and off-air sources, such as Web streaming and network routing.

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