Henry Engineering Shows Off New Two-Color Tally Light Controller

Mike Alert unit allows two mic arms’ tally lights to be independently controlled
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SEAL BEACH, Calif. �Henry Engineering has introduced a two-color tally light controller for use with sophisticated microphone arms, such as those in Yellowtec�s m!ka line.�

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Mike Alert provides the power and control circuitry for interfacing the mic arm to the tally outputs of a console, router or other equipment. The rear panel of the Mike Alert provides XLR I/Os. A five-pin XLR brings the audio in from the mic on the arm while a three-pin XLR takes the audio to the console.�

Each Mike Alert can control two arms. In addition, it operates white and red colored lights. It can work with Henry�s Superelay for control of studio on-air signs.�

Like many of Henry Engineering�s blue boxes, Mike Alert is 1/3-rack size and can be mounted in a rack.�