Inovonics Introduces 525N Mod Monitor

Updates bring the 525 into the digital network world
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FELTON, Calif.�Inovonics has added an IP network interface and created a Web application for its 525 AM modulation monitor/receiver. These updates bring the 525 into the digital network world as the 525N.

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The 525N is a third-generation product and retains all of the 525�s previous features, but it can now be operated remotely via computer, tablet or smartphone. The Web app also provides greater depth of information than the small two-line onboard LCD display.

Although the 525N maintains full wideband response for measurement, it features user-selectable audio-monitor cutoff characteristics to mitigate noise or to simulate the response of consumer radios, according to the company. A phase-locked synchronous detector provides precise demodulation, rejects interference and recovers only the AM component of HD Radio (hybrid digital) transmissions. �The 525N is also compatible with power-saving MDCL operation.