Inovonics Replaces 235 AM Processor With 223 Model

223 processor comes in INOmini package
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FELTON, Calif.� Inovonics� 235 AM processor is taking a back seat after 18 years, with the company announcing its replacement as the INOmini 223 Multimode Audio Processor.

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The 223 features an intuitive menu-driven user interface and offers multiple audio processing capabilities, including AM, FM, TIS and SCA services. All modes employ protection-limited pre-emphasis and bandwidth constraint specific to the service selected. The 223 provides a gated and windowed �gain-riding� AGC, three-band compression with adjustable EQ and a �lookahead� final limiter coupled with overshoot-controlled multi-cutoff output filtering.

As an INOmini packaged product, the 1/3-rack-size processor can integrate with other INOmini products like RDS encoders and decoders, AM/FM/HD-Radio confidence monitors with IP control and streaming audio.

Inovonics will continue to offer support the 235 processor for parts and services.

The 223 Multimode Audio Processor is available for a retail price of $990.