Jampro Heads to IBC2014 With DAB Solutions

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Jampro Heads to IBC2014 With DAB Solutions

Jul 17, 2014 12:58 PM

SACRAMENTO, CALIF.� Jampro Antennas, Inc. will showcase DAB combiners, bandpass filters and mask filters at IBC2014. The broadcast equipment manufacturer will also highlight other broadband solutions as well as its range of antenna solutions.

�As DAB continues to grow in popularity, especially in Europe, we are responding by bringing filters and combiners right a market which has embraced it from the start,� said Jampro President Alex Perchevitch.

Jampro''s RCCC-DT4-DAB filters and combiners will be showcased at IBC. The stable and easy-to-tune units meet the requirements of the Eureka 147 specification. Filters with up to eight sections in constant impedance and reflective configurations have been supplied in systems requiring stable group delay and rejection characteristics.

Jampros''s RF System Series RCED-XXX-DAB Reflective Bandpass Filters are designed to provide high mask performance for low and medium power DAB transmitters. Passband insertion loss is minimized by the use of high-Q aluminum cavities. Temperature stability is maintained through tight manufacturing techniques and Invar tuning rods. These mask filters are designed for input power levels up to 4.5kW. The six-section cross-coupled filters are shipped fully tested.

The RCBC-D06-DAB bandpass filter is designed to provide superior performance at an affordable price. Invar tuning rods create temperature stability and the high-Q aluminum cavities provide low passband insertion loss in a compact package.

The JVD dipole side-mounted antenna is intended for DAB Band III and TV broadcasting applications where low wind loadings are required. Designed for vertical polarization, the antenna''s rugged galvanized and stainless steel construction ensures years of dependable performance. Protective lightweight radomes can be added to protect against heavy ice build-up, and custom mounting brackets are optional. A corporate pressurized feed system is also available.

Jampro�s UHF Broadband panel antenna is available for Bands IV and V in all polarizations: CPOL, EPOL, HPOL and VPOL. The antenna is designed as either a side-mount or a top-mount for DTV, ISDB-T, DVB-T/H, NTSC or PAL broadcasting.

Now available for both VPOL and CPOL polarization the JVD-U and JCD-U broadband antennas for UHF Bands IV and V, these antennas were designed as low to medium power solutions, with a focus on rooftop deployment. The antenna is a vertically or circularly polarized system enclosed by a full cylindrical radome for environmental protection and minimal urban visual impact. The antenna is broadband over band IV/V allowing multiple UHF channels to be transmitted at the same time. Ruggedly constructed from marine brass and aluminum and is fully assembled and tested before shipping to the customer.

Jampro''s Broadband Batwing IV/V 470 � 860 MHz features a radome-enclosed unit can be either top or side mounted on a tower offering many years of continuous service, ideal for broadband multi channel UHF applications. Minimum windloading while providing broadband response makes the JAT the perfect answer for applications where either one channel is defined, or multiple channels are combined.

Jampro�s JA/MS-BB Broadband UHF Slot antenna offers an alternative to buying, installing and maintaining multiple antennas. The solution conserves tower space and minimizes wind loading. Especially designed for multichannel or combined-channel operations in analog-analog, analog-digital or digital-digital TV applications, the JA/MS-BB antenna comes factory tuned in a ready-to-install design.

Jampro offers a family of RCEC mask filters. Cross coupling creates steep rejection skirts and the high-Q cavities provide low pass band insertion loss in a compact package.