Jampro Will Showcase Antennas, Custom Solutions at NAB

Jampro Antennas has announced plans for the 2015 edition of the NAB Show
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SACRAMENTO, Calif.� Jampro Antennas has announced plans for the 2015 edition of the NAB Show. The antenna/ combiner and filter / RF component manufacturer/ designer will showcase solutions targeting radio and TV broadcasters.

On the radio side, they will show their Java broadband log periodic FM antenna system and the JCPB sidemount antenna.

The Java is intended for high gain directional applications, and is available on any standard FM channel (87.5 to 107.9 MHz). Java is produced from either rugged aluminum or hot dipped galvanized steel for extreme conditions/environments. Custom directional azimuth pattern and FCC Certification is available on a full-scale test range to conform to the customer�s requirements.�

The JCPB is the broadband version of the Penetrator and is available with radomes for durability. An industry standard for quality and performance, the JCPB features excellent VSWR and bandwidth. Each bay consists of a Penetrator style radiating element supported by galvanized steel mounting brackets; standard round leg mounting brackets for a uniform face tower are included. Silver plated inner conductor connectors are used throughout for maximum contact life and minimum power loss.