JBL Introduces Series 7 Speakers

Speaker specialist JBL is bringing its newest speakers in the LSR line, the 7 Series, to Las Vegas
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NORTHRIDGE, Calif.�Speaker specialist JBL is bringing its�newest speakers in the LSR line, the�7 Series,�to Las Vegas.�

The first two models are the LSR705i and LSR708i. JBL says that the pair �incorporate drivers and technologies directly drawn from JBL�s flagship M2 Master Reference Monitor.� It adds, for higher end work, they are �optimized for use in environments working in Dolby Atmos, Barco Auro-3D, DTS MDA (Multi-Dimensional Audio) and other surround-sound formats that include overhead speakers.��

As one familiar with decoding speaker model hints, the LSR708i has an 8-inch woofer while the LSR705i has a 5-inch woofer. Both use JBL�s new 2409H compression driver in the tweeter spot. In addition both models have the JBL Image Control Waveguide, which is used in the M2 as well. JBL says that despite their small size they should extend below 40 Hz.�

The speakers also have a variety of mounting hardware along with an unusual complement of inputs that include Phoenix connectors. The cabinets are birch. They can also be used with Harman BSS Soundweb London processors.�