JBL Professional Intros 7 Series Monitors

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JBL Professional Intros 7 Series Monitors

Oct 16, 2014 1:19 PM

NORTHRIDGE, CALIF. �Harman''s JBL Professional has introduced the first two models in its new 7 Series Master Reference Monitors, the 708i and the 705i. These models leverage the patented technologies of JBL''s M2 Master Reference Monitor.

At AES 2014, JBL Professional introduced the 708i 8-inch two-way, and 705i 5-inch 2-way installed monitors.

JBL developed a new miniature high-frequency transducer�the 2409H�featuring JBL''s low-mass, annular diaphragm design that allows high output with low distortion and high frequency response to 35kHz.

The company also engineered two new high-excursion 5-inch and 8-inch woofers, the 725G and 728G that allow the speakers to deliver robust low-frequency output into the 30Hz range. JBL''s patent-pending Image Control Waveguide and a dividing network work in concert to produce subtle crossover transition, detailed spatial imaging and neutral response.

Front-ported birch plywood install-ready enclosures include bottom and rear-panel mounting points. With a range of available mounting brackets, the speakers'' placement can be optimized to maintain sight lines to video displays.

To reduce enclosure size and installation cost, the speakers are centrally powered by Harman''s Crown DCi 8|300N 8- and 4-channel power amplifiers. The 705i and 708i can be driven by a single amp channel or bi-amplified. Harman''s BSS Soundweb London signal processor provides speaker tuning, room EQ, and bass management. The processor accepts 16 or more analog and AES/EBU inputs, and networks with the power amps via CAT5.

The entire system can be externally controlled with Harman HiQnet Audio Architect software, a hardware controller or wireless tablet. Working in concert, the amps, processor and high-performance 5-inch, 8-inch and 15-inch speakers (including the M2), are a modular system that can be scaled to any size room and any number of channels.

The LSR705i and LSR708i Master Reference Monitors will be available in January 2015 as part of 5.1, 7.1 and immersive sound monitoring systems.