Jelli Says It Has Passed Facebook in Audience Reach

Audio advertising platform now reaches more than 212 million people
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SAN MATEO, Calif. � Facebook may be the world�s biggest social media network, but based onApril�s Comscore rankings, audio advertising companyJelli�says it has a greater reach to U.S. audiences through its broadcast partners.

More than 212 million people can receive an audio ad run on the Jelli platform, according to Comscore. Jelli claims its audience reach is more than twice the size of Twitter and Pandora�s.�

On the company's blog, Jelli explained: "Of course, this milestone is due to the significant reach of our broadcasting partners, and the fact that radio remains a �daily activity� with the power to connect with listeners."�

Jelli is a cloud-based ad platform that automates radio advertising for advertisers and network operators via programmatic ad technology.�