Kaltman Creations RF-id Station, RF-id Solo

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Kaltman Creations RF-id Station, RF-id Solo

Jul 27, 2012 3:26 PM, By Chriss Scherer, editor

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Frequency counters

Part of the Invisible Waves product line that aid in identifying wireless devices' frequencies, the RF-id Solo and RF-id Station are near-field frequency counters. The Solo is a handheld device for spot checking RF spectrum. The Station is primarily for audio wireless users and is housed in a self-contained case. The Station allows RF technicians to efficiently stage and manage wireless microphones and other wireless devices before and during a live event/performance. It consists of a rugged plastic carrying case with eight designated foam-formed slots for wireless microphones or wireless belt pack transmitters. Each slot has a backlit, near-field frequency counter readout providing the exact frequency of the transmitter and a barograph signal level display. Up to eight transmitters can be staged at one time and swapped-out as needed. Just below the frequency counter display is a dryerase, write-on strip to help keep track of microphone/transmitter assignments. With an LCD readout, the RF-id Solo can confirm exact frequencies and transmission signal strength, avoiding the need to handle the transmitter (which often involves menu scrolling and converting group and channel readouts to frequencyvalues). It works with digital and analog single carrier transmissions in the 50MHz to 2.5GHz range.

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