Kaltman’s RF-Compass Antenna Tracker Announced

Automated antenna tracker for wireless mics and IEM equipment
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SENECA, S.C.�Part of Kaltman Creations� Invisible Waves product line, the company has introduced the new RF-Compass device. The RF-Compass works as an automated antenna tracker for wireless microphones and IEM equipment, designed for improving links between wireless transmitters and receivers.

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The RF-Compass is made up of two parts, the RF-Compass servo-controlled automatic panning device and a 5.8 GHz multi-channel miniature transmitter called the RF-Beacon. With the user carrying the Beacon, the servo unit can bi-angulate the signal and locate the transmission source. A UHF antenna is mounted on top to also follow the movement of the user and its own wireless transmitter.

The servo unit mounts to a standard microphone stand and is compatible with any paddle or flat-pannel directional antenna. It can rotate 360-degrees and can located the RF-Beacon transmitter in an operating distance of more than 250 feet, per Kaltman. Up to 40 RF-Compass units may be used simultaneously and two servo units can share the same Beacon channel.

The RF-Compass could be used for major market sports stations that use multiple wireless mics during game coverage.

Kaltman will make the RF-Compass available for shipping as of February.�