Klotz Releases Vadis 212 Software Update

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Klotz Releases Vadis 212 Software Update

Apr 23, 2007 5:20 PM

Munich and Atlanta - Apr 23, 2007 - Klotz Digital has released software version 2.0 for the Aeon console. The upgrade provides a variety of new features, including User Rights Management to freely create user groups with individually assigned user rights. Users can change console adjustments according to their level of training, for example selection of sources to faders, channel presets, storage of snapshots, adjustment of EQ and dynamics.

The Aeon Setup Tool (AST) has also been improved. Clean feed buses can be changed individually on the console as well as switching of balance and pre/post fader allowing flexibility in creating return signals. AST offers access to the specification of the AES output stream format enabling the user to choose between professional and consumer formats. The GPI management has been enhanced to provide a trigger action during system start-up to perform macro-programmed actions such as routings and GPIs. Additionally, the monitoring section has been improved to extend its talk-back features. Monitor mute is now also affected by microphone cue actions following Aeon's mute logic.

Last but not least, the software release 2.0 supports Klotz Digital's CMI GPI 16 as an external device to control and tie-in additional devices, bringing the number of GPIs to a total of 24.

Klotz Digital Aeon audio networking consoles are also now being shipped based on the Vadis 212 router and control engine.


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