Klotz Updates Aeon Features

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Klotz Updates Aeon Features

Jan 17, 2008 12:17 PM

Munich - Jan 17, 2008 - Klotz Digital has upgraded its Aeon digital on-air mixing console, equipping it with two new features. For studio integration and interfacing with third-party equipment, Klotz Digital now offers MADI inferface cards for the Aeon. The MADI cards can be configured to 56 or 64 channel mode.

The second feature is the audio networking of Aeon units via Octo-bus. This feature links several Aeon consoles or connects the console to the main control room via a simple CAT-5 cabling providing eight bidirectional channels per bus. Each Octo-bus card features four bus lines. Free buses can be used for Octo-bus break-in and break-out boxes to connect audio devices into the system.

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