Korg Releases Free Audiogate Conversion Software

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Korg Releases Free Audiogate Conversion Software

Nov 22, 2010 3:51 PM

Melville, NY - Nov 18, 2010 - Korg released its AudioGate software for free. This file conversion, editing and authoring software had previously only been available bundled with Korg's MR series of DSD recorders.

AudioGate enables the real-time playback of DSD/SACD files on any computer system, with any audio hardware. Dithering algorithms are provided, along with editing tools such as divide, merge, normalize, fade-in/fade-out and DC cut. Users can convert from 5.6MHz or 2.8MHz 1-bit audio files to any other format, including 16- or 24-bit PCM (up to 192kHz sample rates), Apple Lossless or AAC, FLAC, Broadcast WAV (up to 32-bit floating supported) and MP3 formats. It can be used to burn audio CDs and the newer DSD Disc format (2.8MHz sample rate).

Korg's AudioGate software is included with all MR Series recorders. It is also now available for free at www.korguser.net/audiogate. Non-MR recorder owners can activate the software by entering an active Twitter account.

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