KRK Systems KRK12sHO, KRK12s

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KRK Systems KRK12sHO, KRK12s

May 6, 2011 1:00 AM, By Erin Shipps, senior associate editor

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Powered subwoofers

The KRK12sHO is the ultimate expression of a subwoofer delivering the intense focused bass response necessary for demanding high-level applications, while the KRK12s was designed to be the workhorse subwoofer for music production where a precise representation of the bass frequency spectrum is a necessity. The KRK12sHO can easily handle surround sound and features bass reproduction down to 29Hz. Its cabinet features a 12" high-excursion woven Kevlar driver cone set in a curved baffle front plate designed to virtually eliminate diffraction distortion. The integrated power amplifier delivers 400W RMS yielding a sound pressure level of 113dB music and 116dB peak. The KRK12s delivers reproduction of bass frequencies down to 34Hz. It also features a curved baffle front plate and a 12" Kevlar woven high-excursion driver cone. The power amplifier yields a 225W RMS power rating that delivers 110dB music and 113dB peak sound pressure levels.

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