Lawo RƎLAY Radio Mixer Adds SIP

Can now use SIP streams as on- air audio sources
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RASTATT, Germany �Lawo has issued a number of updates to its R?LAY virtual radio mixer, including the ability to now use SIP streams as on-air sources.

With the AES67 networking standard specifying Session Initiation Protocol as its connection management for unicast streams, the new v3.0.0.136 of R?LAY enables users to use SIP streams as direct audio sources. To utilize this ability, users need to enter the SIP address of their remote codec or VoIP stream into the R?LAY source setup, then load it onto a fader.

In addition, the new software update offers upgrades to ASIO audio client handling, enhanced program logging features and improved integration of the open-source Ember+ protocol for control of studio peripherals.

The complete R?LAY line from Lawo includes the VRX8 eight-fader and VRX4 four-fader Virtual Radio Mixer software, VPB Virtual Patch Bay software, and VSC Virtual Sound Card software.