LBA Shipping FieldSENSE 2.0

Personal RF monitor protects from EMF overexposure
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GREENVILLE, N.C.�The FieldSENSE 2.0, LBA�s updated personal RF monitor, is now available for shipping. The RF monitor is designed to protect personnel working near broadcast and telecommunication transmitting antennas from EMF exposure, with this new version including updated features like increased frequency range, a fall detection alarm and visible LED lights.

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This updated version of the FieldSENSE monitor now features an operating range of 50 MHz-6 GHz. FieldSENSE 2.0 also measures both E & H fields, with six orthogonal E & H field probes; has a shaped response to measure in accordance with FCC, SC6 and INCIRP exposure limits; and a E & H field data logger, which can accessed by a USB connection. In addition, the monitor comes with a fall detection alarm, can strap to a harness, has an IP64 enclosure, and features LED lights for display.

LBA is now offering the FieldSENSE 2.0 at the starting price of $599.