Logitek Vacutek

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Logitek Vacutek

Apr 1, 2010 8:00 AM

The Logitek Vacutek router engine takes advantage of vacuum tube technology to bring back that analog feel to digital technology. First experimented with by Logitek founder Tag Borland during his undergraduate days at Rice University, this hybrid analog/digital technology can bring the real sound of even-order harmonics back to the world of digital signal processing. The Vacutek goes steps backward to enhance audio quality, and makes no compromises to achieve a pristine analog sound utilizing oxygen-free welding cable for all its critical wiring.

While many manufacturers are trying to reduce heat load in their equipment, the Vacutek is designed to transfer as much heat as possible to act as new heating source for all those transmitter rooms that now have ultra-efficient AM transmitters. No longer will you have to use external heating in your studios or transmitter buildings.

The unit also has space savings advantages; it takes up no rack space. Because it is the size of an average two-car garage, the unit must be kept in a separate outbuilding.

With its onboard meters, setup and alignment is fast and easy. Biasing the several thousand tubes can be performed by anyone in 10-12 days and has a guaranteed stability of 2 to 3 hours.

And the best thing about it is that the system comes with a minimum profanity delay of 2.6 minutes due to its amazingly fast propagation delay through the system. Perfect for the most hard-edged morning shows.

Yes, bring back the sound of thermal noise to your stations audio. Vacutek ... yesterday's technology ... today.

Yes, this is an April Fool''s joke.