LUCI Mic Interfaces Get Tough

uMI features superior AD converters and microphone phantom power
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MAASTRICHT, the Netherlands � The MIKI series of mic cables with integrated pre-amplifier now features the MIKI Black Broadcast, a single cable, which connects a microphone, headphone and mobile device providing portable and high quality recording. The integrated preamp produces a gain of +7 dB and a quality headphone output, while the frequency response ranges from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.�

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The MIKI Metal offers the same specifications as above, adding a rugged microphone cable with integrated, metal-cased pre-amplifier for broadcast and music professionals. The uMi USB microphone interface fits mobile and field recording applications. LUCI says it delivers outstanding flexibility and sound quality, thanks to premium quality AD conversion and the built-in, customizable digital signal processing.

Fully bus-powered, the uMi interface can provide adjustable phantom power (0 to 12 V). According to LUCI, its series of broadcast software applications enables journalists to go live, record, edit and deliver studio quality audio to radio and visual radio stations all over the world, from anywhere in the world, using a mobile phone or laptop.�


Backbone Co-Host is the latest addition to the Luci portfolio, allowing stations to produce their live radio shows with distributed hosts and guests.