Lynx Links to Dante

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COSTA MESA, CALIF.--Digital audio converter maker Lynx Studio Technology has released a Dante-expansion card that fits into the LSlot of the company�s Hilo and Aurora A/D-D/A converters.

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Called LT-Dante, the card has two ports for networking the converters to Dante digital audio Ethernet networks and Dante-enable equipment.

Lynx Co-Founder and Chief Hardware Engineer Bob Bauman explained, �As we�ve monitored the growth of audio over IP and Dante in particular, it became clear that we needed to take advantage of Aurora�s and Hilo�s expandability and create a range of Dante enabled Lynx products.�

He added, �What we�ve witnessed in development of these networked products is they simply work, and it�s the very plug-and-play nature of Dante that was so attractive for us as a manufacturer.�

Lynx is also building native Dante capabilities into upcoming Hilo and Aurora converters. Price: $695.