Middle Atlantic Adds Signal Safe to All Power Products

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Middle Atlantic Adds Signal Safe to All Power Products

Jul 17, 2009 10:39 AM

Fairfield, NJ - Jul 17, 2009 - Middle Atlantic Products is now offering its signature Signal Safe cords on all power products at no extra charge. The cable technology is designed to reduce radiated ac magnetic fields in AV systems that induce noise in signal wiring.

Signal Safe Power Cords feature a tight ac power cord conductor twist rate and are manufactured with heavy 14-gauge conductors. This results in an ac magnetic field strength five times less than that of standard power cords, and significantly less than loose wires in steel EMT conduit.

According to Middle Atlantic, signal cables, which are highly sensitive to magnetically induced noise, can be conveniently cable-managed with only a 1/2" separation from system power with full confidence that signal integrity will be preserved.

All of Middle Atlantic's power products now ship with Signal Safe technology, including the Iso Center rackmount isolation transformer, UPS units, vertical and rackmount power strips, and multiple length IEC and cable/satellite cords.

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