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More on Portable Lighting

Aug 1, 2010 1:00 AM, By Chriss Scherer, editor

Tech Tips, Aug 2010

In the March 2010 installment of Tech Tips, I noted a handy little light called the Light Mine -- a golf ball-sized LED light with multiple magnets around its sphere. This unique light got some attention, which made me think about other lighting options.

A 110Vac service light is always an option for lighting a tight space, and by using a compact fluorescent lamp instead of an incandescent lamp, the heat output is greatly reduced. But pulling a cord is not always convenient, and sometimes 110V is not available. That's where I found the Light Mine to be handy, but there are other options.

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While walking the aisle of a hardware store, I saw the Stanley 3-in-1 Tripod flashlight. This unique light has three individual light sources and a stand that combine into a regular hand-held flashlight. The throat of the light has legs that fold out to form a tripod, and the three lamps have swivel heads to point the light where it's needed. The three lights can also be removed individually if needed. The flashlight runs on 6 AA batteries.

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Another handy -- or should I say hands-free -- lighting idea is a head-worn light. Commonly used by hikers, cyclists and spelunkers, these lights are worn on the user's head. This style has the advantage in that light is shown wherever you look, so the light is automatically positioned as needed.

Still looking for more lighting ideas? Look to the music store. Battery-powered LED clip-on lights are commonly attached to music stands. These lightweight lamps can clip to anything less than 1" thick, and the slim gooseneck can be positioned to illuminate anything.

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