MusicMaster Releases MMPRO Version 6.0

New features include recursive scheduling and history snapshot
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DALLAS�MusicMasterhas released the latest version of its Window-based music scheduling line, MMPRO Version 6.0. New features include recursive scheduling for migrating positions, rule filter tool, history snapshot and a library query element.

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The recursive scheduling feature check combinations of songs with every possible clock position to determine where to place it in the hour. With the rule filter tool, users can now see how many songs in the Song Replacement Dialog are being blocked by rules and which specific rules are blocking them; you can also temporarily disable rules to allow for more songs to be played. The history snapshot feature allows users to compare their logs at any point with the current version of the log. Finally, the library query element allows users to create a filter on a combination of songs where only those songs get played.

The MMPRO Version 6.0 is available now.