NAB Show New Products

Here is a sampling of some of the new (or improved) products that can be found on the exhibit floor this year
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Here is a sampling of some of the new (or improved) products that can be found on the exhibit floor this year. Look for more products in future issues.

AM transmitters | Nautel

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Transmitter maker Nautel is adding to its NX line of AM transmitters. The NX5 and NX10 are 5 kW and 10 kW models, respectively. They will be available in analog, HD Radio and DRM versions. They offer Nautel�s Advanced User Interface for local or remote operation, and as such also carry a number of onboard tools such as a spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, copious logging methods along with Nautel Phone Home. In addition, there are other features such as USB playout. Though Nautel says that the NX5 and NX10 are energy efficient, 86 percent AC to RF, both models are also MDCL-compatible for further energy savings.

Automation program|RCS

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RCS has added a multitrack editor, segue editor and a media player to its Zetta automation program. This version also includes hot keys, a sequencer, library, log functions, satellite interfacing and WANcasting capabilities. Zetta can also work with other RCS programs such as the music scheduler GSelector4, RCSnews and the Acquira traffic system. Much operation is drag and drop. Audio files can be autonormaled on import. Zetta can also go mobile with Zetta2Go, a mobile device app for controlling Zetta remotely via a smartphone or tablet.

Mixing consoles|Lawo

Lawo will present the newest editions to its mc� series broadcast and production mixing consoles, radio/on-air solutions and video and audio processing and routing devices. New to the mc� series are the mc�56 High Density and mc�36. The mc�56 HD is the newly designed version of the mc�56 and has twice the number of faders on the same footprint. The mc�36 is a Ravenna-based, all-in-one mixing desk. Both the mc�56 HD and mc�36 are natively equipped with Ravenna/AES67 technology. Also set to come to NAB is the mc� Compact I/O, a compact stage-box technology that expands the connectivity of the mc� console family.

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AoIP gateway for networked consoles|GatesAir

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GatesAir will introduce VMXpress IP, an audio over IP gateway for GatesAir networked consoles. It is fully compatible with Ravenna- and AES67-compatible devices. It can also work with other GatesAir IP-compatible devices such as Intraplex IP Link codecs. In addition, the company will show the Intraplex LiveLook, real-time interactive monitoring for GatesAir IP Link codecs. LiveLook offers time-based graphical analysis of network statistics.

Microwave frequency allocation and path analysis program|V-Soft

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The RF propagation analysis and measurement software developer V-Soft will have a new version of its Microwave Pro microwave frequency allocation and path analysis program. The program is useful for Broadcast Auxiliary Services, Part 101, COALS and CARS projects, according to V-Soft. New to Microwave Pro 2 is the usage of the NSMA OH loss model, the industry standard, the company says. The program will calculate C/I ratios that consider terrain obstructions, plot terrain profiles of all protected and interfering paths and provide a map showing the geometry of protected and interfering paths. Newly added is a point study that allows users to analyze specific trouble spots such as wind farms and calculate their prospective impact on microwave paths. It performs frequency searches for the part 101 and the broadcast auxiliaries frequencies and will provide all elements for prior coordination mailings to affected licenses.

Audio streaming|WideOrbit

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Radio automation and business software developer WideOrbit has released WO Streaming, an audio streaming module. WO Streaming is compatible with the WO family. WO Streaming has been certified by Nielsen.

Bluetooth audio receiver|Hosa Technology

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Hosa Technology has designed the Drive Bluetooth Audio Receiver to receive Bluetooth transmitted audio, e.g. from a smartphone, and via its 3.5 mm outputs provide a stream of audio to nonwireless audio equipment. Drive Bluetooth Audio Receiver provides 3.5 mm outputs, has an app. 10-hour battery life and comes with a 3.5 mm TRS cable and USB charging cable. It is compatible with Bluetooth 3.0.

FM radio analyzer|DEVA Broadcast

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The DEVA Broadcast Radio Explorer II FM radio analyzer is a portable FM broadcast band analyzer designed to cater to all markets and their requirements. This mobile tool can measure RF level, MPX deviation, left and right audio levels, RF field strength, RDS and pilot injection levels. Tools included are RDS decoder, stereo decoder, spectrum analyzer and a GPS receiver for making geographical location stamps. It can store information for later analysis if necessary. Measurement targets can be programmed or done in real time with a PC. Supporting both RDS/RBDS standards and measurement units, the Radio Explorer II is described as appropriate for broadcast engineers worldwide.

Digital to audio converter|Henry Engineering

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Henry Engineering has announced the delivery of the D2A, a digital to audio converter. The D2A takes one XLR input of AES3 digital audio and converts it to left/right analog audio exiting on a pair of XLR outputs. It can handle digital audio from 32 kHz up to 24-bit/192 kHz, automatically digitally locking onto the transformer-isolated signal. The D2A also has a front-panel headphone monitor on a 1/4-inch TRS plug. According to Henry Engineering, it follows a line-level design so it mimics exactly what is being output. An internal power supply eliminates a wallwart and is designed to be low-noise. The metal case is 1/3 RU and will mount in a rack, desk or wall with the appropriate hardware.

Delay processor|Inovonics

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Inovonics has rolled out the Justin 808 HD Delay Processor, which aligns FM and HD Radio audio; corrects FM/HD audio phase and matches FM/HD audio levels; pro- vides alarms and logging for error conditions; sends email/SMS error messages; Web interface has SNMP support.

Console|Arrakis Systems

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Arrakis Systems offers its ARC-8 console, now updated with Bluetooth. The solution is intended for Internet or broadcast radio stations. Two mics supports a host and guest talk format. The mix minus bus (for an external hybrid) supports telephone talk formats or call-ins. The Talk button on mic channel one feeds the mic to the caller and the caller to the console cue system.

Diversity delay control|Daysequerra

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The M4DDC diversity delay control is a purpose-built, 1 RU, standalone AM or FM solution and runs DaySequerra�s proprietary TimeLock algorithm to automatically maintain perfect time and audio level alignment of the HD Radio analog and digital audio streams. Also, the new M2HDSP upgrade path allows HD Radio stations to keep their older M2.0X and M2.2R units up-to-date with new DSP-based hardware and the most recent iBiquity firmware. Your M2HDSP ships back with a three-year warranty.


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AKG is bringing new headphones to the NAB Show. The K553 Pro has a closed-back design and sport hefty 50 mm drivers with the large earpads that AKG uses for much of the K line. They can be folded flat for easy transport. A 3.5 mm to 1/4-inch adapter comes with them.

Acoustic echo canceller|Sonifex

The latest from Sonifex Redbox line of broadcast problem solvers is the RB-AEC, an acoustic echo canceller designed for snuffing out annoying echoes in earpieces. According to the company, the AEC �is used to remove the entire control room monitor speaker output from the presenter�s feed by adapting to the environment in which the control room microphones are placed. Although acoustic echo cancellation is more commonly implemented in telephony systems, the Sonifex RB-AEC is designed to produce broadcast quality cancellation.� The RB-AEC�s onboard digital signal processing can adapt to shifting situations, such as personnel moving around, to keep the echo tamped down.

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FM transmitter|Broadcast Electronics

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The STX10 10 kW FM transmitter has been designed to offer a combination of audio quality, reliability, redundancy, serviceability and efficiency in a compact design.


The DCR-T antenna is available in 1�8 bays with an input power up to 8 kW. Each array is field-tunable and be optimized anywhere on the FM band. It is suitable for emergency application where a lightweight, low-power, frequency-agile antenna is required. It is available with radomes.

Master clock switcher|ESE

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The ES-150U is a master clock switcher that monitors ESE and SMPTE/EBU timecodes. Master clock switchers are used with a primary master clock (�A�) and a secondary master clock (�B�), they provide a convenient way of switching to the secondary master clock if a problem develops with the primary master clock.

Digital Jukebox|DJB Radio

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The starter bundle for DJB Radio offers ONAIR production, wavEditor, a scheduler and voice tracking for Internet radio.

IP codec|Comrex

BRIC-Link II, an updated version of Comrex�s staple BRIC-Link IP codec, will be premiering at NAB. BRIC-Link II features hardware updates, including upgraded internal hardware, added XLR connectors (for analog and AES3 audio), Gigabit Ethernet and a front panel headphone jack. BRIC-Link II includes a new Opus algorithm for WebRTC and smartphone app compatibility and a Web-based user interface for remote device management and software updates in minutes.