Narda Safety Test Solutions Upgrade IDA

Time axis spectrograms provide new opportunities for clarifying wireless signals
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PFULLINGEN, Germany� Narda Safety Test Solutions has upgraded its Interference and Direction Analyzer with new features, including spectrograms that can analyze and localize interference and hidden transmitters with rapidly changing frequencies.

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The IDA 2 is designed to cover communications and security, specifically finding and eliminating intrinsic or extrinsic interference, and tracing unknown transmitters and identifying potential dangers. The IDA 2 can determine the direction and position of an interfering transmitter using GPS and an electronic compass in the antenna handle. A variety of antennas are available.

With IDA 2�s High Resolution Spectrogram display mode, the type of signal can be identified. The device writes the spectrums line by line, indicating different levels by color, showing time and spectral relationships. The frequency and time signatures allow conclusions about the type of source to be drawn and mutual interference detected in multi use frequency ranges such as the ISM bands. The Magnitude display mode shows the level characteristic versus time and can identify signals using their time structures, set triggers and locate the source. Both the High Resolution Spectrogram and Magnitude display are based on the I/Q Analyzer operating mode.

Narda is a supplier of measuring equipment in RF safety, EMC and RF testing sectors.