Nautel Adds Two AM Transmitters

Nautel has introduced two new AM transmitters to its NX Series
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HACKETT�S COVE, Nova Scotia � Nautel has introduced two new AM transmitters to its NX Series.

The NX5 and NX10 operate 5 and 10 kW of analog power, these two transmitters bring efficiency (86% AC to RF) and a large suite of operational features to mid-power AM operations.

The NX5 and NX10 offer AM precorrection with unmatched linearity; 1.8 MHz direct digital modulation; 100% remote web access to the user interface; RF spectrum analyzer displays spectral performance; Smith chart displays complex antenna impedance under normal modulation in real time; MDCL is included for up to 30% additional power savings; 5 algorithms are selectable. Additionally, Analog, HD Radio and DRM models are available.

Nautel�s Advanced User Interface is standard in both new models and is locally or remotely accessible via a Web browser. The AUI�s functionality includes built-in commercial grade instrumentation, full remote access; SNMP support; an instrument-grade spectrum analyzer and network analyzer; real-time Modulation Error Ratio measurement; comprehensive monitoring and control including event logging; email and SMS notifications; backup audio via streaming and USB playout; presets and enhanced support services including Nautel Phone Home.