Netia Adds Functions to Radio-Assist 7.5

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Netia Adds Functions to Radio-Assist 7.5

Jul 25, 2007 9:50 AM

Claret, France - Jul 24, 2007 - Netia has added three new enhancements for added networking, distribution and scheduling capabilities to Radio-Assist 7.5. Adding its U-Share network management system simplifies distribution of audio content from one site to multiple destination sites. U-Share automates the exchange of content via multiple transmission platforms. Other content exchanges can be organized according to priority with options for setting and modifying transmission schedules.

Netia's Feed-In IP Mode supports daily scheduling of all automatic recordings of external programs. The IP version of the software allows Radio-Assist users to record continuous RTP inputs or scheduled programs without the need for a sound card. Through the Feed-In IP Mode, a total of eight inputs can be simultaneously recorded per computer.

Customized Axia IP-Audio networking components bundled with Radio-Assist 7.5 allow any audio workstation PC running Windows to send audio directly to an Axia audio network from its network interface card.