Neural, THX Collaborate on Surround

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Neural, THX Collaborate on Surround

Jan 10, 2007 5:15 PM

THX and Neural Audio are joining forces to develop and market surround sound technology to content producers and consumer electronics manufacturers. Under the terms of the agreement, Neural Audio will work with THX in developing a Neural Surround product suite designed to enable broadcasters, video game developers and other content distributors to deliver multi-channel surround sound using existing stereo channel schemes.

THX-Neural branded technology will make its first appearance in AV receiver products produced by Sony, Pioneer, Yamaha and Onkyo, all of which are reportedly displaying prototypes in the THX booth at CES 2007 in Las Vegas.

The new development will also enable the creation of true 7.1 soundtracks on advanced gaming platforms, allowing game sound designers to produce interactive, 360-degree soundtracks that pull gamers closer to the action.

On the broadcast side, Harris is expected to continue its ongoing relationship with Neural by providing THX-Neural 5.1 surround compatible encoders. Neural Surround technology has already been implemented by some terrestrial broadcasters, such as Public Radio, and XM Satellite Radio''s XM HD Surround, which provides original surround content across the United States on channels 76 (Fine Tuning) and 113 (POPS).