New Products (Dec 2004)

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New Products (Dec 2004)

Dec 1, 2004 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

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On-air radio console

Audioarts Engineering

D-75: The modular console comes with four stereo busses, dual-domain outputs, sample-rate conversion on all digital inputs, and interchangeable input module daughter cards for simplified analog-to-digital field switches. The hinged meterbridge swings up for access to console dip-switch programming. LED meter displays add to the functionality of the meterbridge with full-scale digital peak plus VU metering. The switching features LED illumination and an automatic timer, and a built-in machine interface and clock come standard. The unit may also be ordered with an optional Superphone module that supports two callers. A compact, tabletop design, the console is currently available in a 13- and 21-fader mainframe.
fax 252-637-1285

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Audio/MIDI/USB interface


B-control: The two USB/MIDI-type models of the B-Control series, the rotary BCR2000 and the fader BCF2000, are fully intuitive computer-based recording tools with 32 illuminated rotary encoders for control over virtual mixers, synths, samplers and effects processors (BCR2000), or eight 100mm motorized faders for control of virtual mixers, virtual synths and samplers (BCF2000). Supporting PC and Mac software, both controllers offer four virtual groups with eight dual-mode, high-resolution encoders that feature LED rings and an additional push-to-set function with illuminated buttons that are assignable to all types of MIDI functions. These products provide 32-user presets with four encoder groups and a multi-function four-digit LED display with real-time parameter indication.
fax 425-673-7647

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Multipattern FET mic

Brauner Microphones

Phantom V: This is the company's first variable-pattern, non-tube (FET), large diaphragm microphone. The mic offers switchable omni-directional, cardioid and figure-eight polar patterns, as well as a 15dB pad for higher SPL environments. This product features a satin nickel finish and provides a self-noise of 8dBa, a maximum SPL of 142dB at 0.3 percent THD, and a frequency range of 20Hz to 22kHz. The unit comes with the SMV shock-mount suspension system, custom aluminum case, cable and user manual.
fax 702-365-5145

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Plug/output receptacle

MGE UPS Systems

Pulsar PDU: These units offer flexible mounting options, numerous input plug/output receptacle choices and configurations that include a maintenance bypass switch. Designed with power ratings from 500VA to 3,200VA, the new PDU is fully compatible with any UPS hosting an appropriate output receptacle. The selection of standard input plugs and line cords ensures simple plug-and-play installation, while the 2RU form factor is useful for mounting in 19" equipment racks. The unit provides standard NEMA 120Vac input plugs and output receptacles ranging from 15A to 30A and features a choice of front or rear access for input and output line cords.
fax 714-557-9788

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IBOC test set


NavIBOC: Audemat-Aztec has licensed Ibiquity's HD Radio technology for inclusion into its radio test and monitoring products. As a result, Audemat-Aztec will be able to assist AM and FM broadcasters in the initial transition to digital and maximize the benefits of their digital signals by offering mobile products capable of measuring coverage and analyzing the quality of HD Radio reception.
fax 305-682-2233

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WAV/MP3 recorder


R-1: A portable, 24-bit WAV and MP3 recorder and player, the unit offers direct storage to Compact Flash memory and operation from two AA batteries. The unit's dimensions are 4" � 5.5" � 1" and it weighs 10oz. The recorder is equipped with two electret mics, external line and mic inputs for quick and clean stereo capture. The recorder contains a 24-bit internal effects processor, which includes mic simulation through Roland's COSM technology, noise reducer, hum cut, 10-band equalizer, reverb and center cancel. It also includes a metronome, tuner, half-speed playback and A-B repeat to loop one section of an audio file. The device also offers a USB 2.0 port to quickly transfer files to and from the computer.
fax 360-594-4271

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Phone plugs


NP*X: Previously introduced as the C+ series, these �" phone plugs offer a chuck-type strain relief that provides higher cable retention force. The phone plugs are all metal and available in mono and stereo versions with nickel or gold-plated contacts and nickel, black or velour chrome housings.
fax 732-901-9608

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Telephone hybrid


HY-03US: The HY-03US is an analog telephone hybrid that adapts to varying line conditions, automatic signal limiting, and includes local and remote line hold switching, and remote call switching through a mixing console. The hybrid offers a balanced mic/line input of 10kV balanced input selectable for 0dBu clean feed line, or microphone level with adjustable gain. The unit's balanced output is 0dBu low impedance balanced output, with output gain adjustment. A line limiter, bandpass filter and output noise gate with preset threshold provide low distortion.
fax 207-773-2422

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Rack cooling system

Middle Atlantic Products

Fan Control Top series: These products are comprised of integrated fans and grills as well as the company's FC-4 proportional thermostatic fan control, varying the speed of the fans and based on the enclosure's interior temperature. The four products in the series all come with fans, fan grills and fan control preinstalled. The MW-4QFT-FC fits the MRK and WRK racks and has four, 4-�" fans. The MW-10FT-FC fits MRK and WRK racks and has one 10" fan. The ERK-4QFT-FC fits ERK racks and has three 4-�" fans while the ERK-10FT-FC fits ERK racks and has one 10" fan.
fax 973-839-1976

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Mic/line mixer


RM82: An eight-channel mixer in a single rack space, this equipment is useful for sound reinforcement and remote broadcast applications. Each of the eight channels has an XLR microphone input and a �" unbalanced input. The �" jacks may be internally reconfigured to become channel inserts or direct outputs. Each channel has individually switchable 48Vdc phantom power. The RCA prefade output may be connected to the RCA aux bus input for cascading two units together. This output may also be used for recording purposes. The main output is a balanced, male XLR jack.
fax 801-263-9068

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Sound cards


LCM200 and LCM420: The LCM200 features a balanced analog stereo output and an additional headphone jack. It is designed for newsroom applications, permanent playback and editing. The LCM420 with one balanced analog stereo input and two analog balanced stereo outputs is useful for entry-level live-assist applications or broadcast automation. The second stereo output may serve as a cue output. With full-duplex operation, the cards offer simultaneous and independent record and playback capabilities, as well as real-time, simultaneous MPEG Layer I and Layer II compression and decompression during record and playback. When used with applications based on the Digigram SDK, real-time mixing of multiple sound files, level adjustment, panning, cross fade, punch-in/punch-out, scrubbing, and format and frequency conversions are performed by the card's DSP. Additionally, the LCM420 offers real-time pitch-shifting and time-stretching.
fax 703-875-9161

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Digital on-air console

Klotz Digital

Aeon: Based on the company's Air Board concept, this flat panel console (about 1" thick) features a modular control surface allowing flexibility in console layouts and studio setup. The console offers graphic configuration software that allows individual users to configure the system to fit their own requirements. This product is available in 8-, 12- and 16-fader consoles. Each four-fader module is in its own housing. Each channel strip is equipped with a 100mm fader and a clear alphanumeric display with 16 digits in two lines, as well as large on/off buttons and free assignable routing keys and status indication LEDs. The Monitor-DSP-Master Control Module offers access to DSP functions via rotary encoders and large displays. It comprises central bus assignment, 20 assignable push-buttons for monitor sources and 10 assignable function buttons.
fax 678-966-9903

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Digital/analog silence sensor

Danagger Audio Works

Plan B Deluxe: The Plan B's combination of digital dead air detector, instant audio replacement and user-friendly remote control now sports Internet connectivity and new audio storage options including Compact Flash or hard drive. Audio files of common formats can be transferred directly from automation to the Plan B Deluxe. Custom backup mixes can be created for each daypart. Other new features include alarm notification by e-mail, detailed online failure repor ts and Internet remote control.
fax 250-763-2902

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Dual-channel logger

Digital Juke Box

Digital Audio Logger: Record one stereo station or two mono station audio signals with this dual-channel logger. The user defines the record quality, the record hours and specifies a certain number of hours to be recorded in high quality mode for �best of� shows. The logger comes with a custom player that can play back logged audio from any PC at a station that is connected to the network. The equipment works with Windows XP or Windows 2000 at any speed above 1.5GHz. It offers a 256MB memory and a 40GB hard drive.
fax 443-241-2514

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Powered mixer

Soundcraft USA

Gigrac 100st: This mixer delivers 1,000W output power (500W per channel into 4O). The new model offers the styling of the Gigrac 300 and 600, but is a more powerful, full stereo version featuring expanded three-band EQ on the inputs, two seven-band BSS Audio graphic equalizers and 10 preset digital effects. There are two output signal paths: one for the main output and one for monitors. In normal stereo use, the two power amps each deliver 500W of power to the main (FOH) outputs, but the mixer can also be switched to provide 500W to the main output and 500W. Other features include pan controls for the inputs to the stereo bus, a stereo graphic EQ on the main output and seven-band mono graphic EQ on the monitor output, 12-segment bar graph meters for main and monitor outputs, a stereo playback input (for CD playback, for example) and a stereo submix input.
fax 818-920-3208

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Adaptive remote control


Arc-SW4, Arc-K1, Arc-SWK and Arc-mic: These four remote controls address control functionality for source selection, remote volume, room combining and paging. All of the new Arcs use RS-485 control protocol, and can be programmed to work with any Symnet or Symnet Express hardware. All the controls are mounted on Decora style inserts in single (Arc-SW4, Arc-K1) or dual-gang (Arc-mic, Arc-SWK) form factors. This form allows system designers and installers flexibility when integrating Arc units into the total control scheme of a room or venue.
fax 425-787-3211

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Class A equalizers

Great River Electronics

EQ-1NV and EQ-2NV: The EQ-1NV is a one-channel digitally-controlled, analog-driven equalizer that has a topology similar to that of 1081/1083 models. Modern improvements enable the newly designed class A, discrete single-ended amplifiers in the NV Series equalizers add greater clarity, dynamic range and control. The front-panel input selector and sensitivity switch offers the option of using the balanced bridging transformer coupled input with a range from +8dBm to -20dBm or the companion NV Series preamplifiers' patch loop signal. The EQ-2NV line input is a transformer coupled bridging type, with sensitivity options ranging from elevated line level (+8dBm) down to keyboard and semi-pro levels (-20dBm). The equalizer is specifically designed to work with our NV Series microphone amplifiers' patch loop, for greater headroom at one end, a lower overall noise floor and overall greater musicality.
fax 651-455-3224

Upgrades and Updates

Media Access Pro 4.0 from BIA Financial Network now offers data fields and reports based on the latest FCC geographic market definitions that will be used to implement the new ownership rules.

Moseley's Starlink SL9003Q upgrade can now run twin 44.1kHz audio sampling rate streams on the Starlink SL9003Q-4S using 128 QAM. In the past, it has been limited to twin stereo pairs at 32kHz sampling at 32 QAM. The company has also developed a 300kb/s LAN card for use in the Starlink SL9003Q-2S. This will allow the end user to convey 44.1kHz audio and 300kb/s LAN on the link.

Steinberg's Cubase SL3, the latest version of Steinberg's music production software, offers advanced music composition and improved workflow. The next-generation Audio Warp engine offers import of ACID files, time-stretching and pitch-shifting. The new workspace concept allows layouts to be created for each step of the production process.

The audio and MIDI feature set in Pro Tools 6.7 from Digidesign has been expanded to deliver tempo-dependent audio placement, tempo-dependent automation, graphic tempo editing, precise control of meter changes, MIDI step input, enhanced support for instrument plug-ins, MIDI Detective and Beat Detective LE.