New Products (Feb 2002)

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New Products (Feb 2002)

Feb 1, 2002 12:00 PM, By Cindy Holst, associate editor

Ad insertion system

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OMT Technologies

Can interface directly to most popular automation systems, taking commands directly from the digital audio system via serial interface or TCP/IP. IMediaAdcast can also be operated via simple closures, if a user's digital audio system is not currently supported. iMediaAdcast can be used to substitute more than just commercials. IMediaAdcast can block out whole hours of programming and replace it with Internet-approved content. IMediaAdcast can replace liners and stingers to better promote your station's Internet presence.
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Confidence monitors

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Furman Sound
MS series

The models in this series are housed in single space chassis. A pair of full-range, shielded stereo speakers are built in, along with a speaker mute switch. A TRS output is provided for headphone listening. A phase indicator displays the phase relationship of the left and right channels of the source being monitored. Each input is routed to a fourteen-segment LED meter. All analog I/Os are high common-mode rejection XLR balanced, and each is provided with a rear-panel signal activity indicator. Outputs also have +/-6dB gain trim controls. The unit is powered with an included UL-approved external power supply via a DIN 5 connector. Models with digital monitoring capability are equipped with an A/D select button and both front and rear digital signal activity indicators. The digital inputs can accommodate stereo digital signals sampled at rates up to 96kHz, in AES/EBU format, via rear panel BNC inputs.
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Furniture series

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Spacewise Broadcast Furniture
Big Pro and Pro Studio

These studio systems have locations for two PCs, a deep equipment rack unit system, utility drawer, and access to wiring behind the rack and PC location, with a wiring channel between them. Options include a keyboard drawer, silencing PC compartment door, custom overbridge, equipment racks, matching wood microphone stands and more. Standard Pro Studio 6' x 3' or the Big Pro 6' x 4.5' are available. Sit down 30" or standard stand-up 38" heights are available.
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Beacon light

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The first LED-based flashing red beacon for marking radio and television towers and other obstacles that pose hazards to aircraft navigation, the new light is designed to meet the requirements of the FAA, Transport Canada, and ICAO. Designed primarily as a replacement unit for 300mm incandescent red flashing beacons in existing installations, the L864 flashing red beacon mounts to standard bolt patterns and requires no additional wiring, controllers, or monitors. It uses high-flux LEDs and uses 90 percent less energy than standard incandescent beacons that consume a minimum of 1240W. Its unique design optimizes LED performance, resists shock and vibration, and provides 360-degree visibility, while minimizing unwanted ground-lighting effect. The L864 flashing red beacon carries a limited five-year performance warranty.
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Aural exciter

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Model 204

A revitalized version of the Aural Exciter, the new Model 204, which replaces the older Model 104, features an Optical Big Bottom for enhanced low-end response; two independent channels; new packaging with a revamped front-panel layout; internal power supply; XLR and �-inch I/O connectors; plus updated circuitry for improved overall sound quality and user flexibility. The Model 204 features a new-Millennium front-panel design and operator controls, plus a custom light-dependent resistor as the gain-control element. As a result, dynamic range is increased by 10dB with increased flexibility. The patented Big Bottom circuit dynamically shapes the bass response in the 20Hz to 120Hz range, increasing the perception of low frequencies without boosting the maximum peak output.
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Integrated audio production station

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Combining automated digital mixing, hard-disk recording, MIDI sequencing, powerful editing, DSP plug-in technology and multi-format mastering capabilities, the SX-1's feature set includes: a flexible 40�8 digital mixing console with 100mm, touch-sensitive faders, advanced built-in dynamic automation, and 16 high-quality, phantom-powered mic preamps; a full-function, 48kHz, 24-bit, 16-track hard disk recorder; highly integrated and intuitive waveform, MIDI and automation data editing; complete surround mixing capabilities; a 128-track MIDI sequencer; a built-in CD-RW drive; DSP plug-in technology; analog, digital, MIDI and computer interfacing; built-in timecode/sync support; and expansion slots for 24 more channels of digital I/O or additional analog I/O. Other standard features of the SX-1 include an onboard LCD screen and an XVGA output that acts as a stand-alone DAW interface. The SX-1 also offers the ability to author MP3 files, includes a jog/shuttle wheel that allows users to scrub audio and MIDI data simultaneously, and may be cascaded with TASCAM's DM-24 Digital Mixing Console to add input channels and interfaces.
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Condenser microphone

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C 900

Featuring a 24-carat gold transducer case for optimum conductivity and resistance to corrosion and humidity, the C 900 offers a frequency-independent cardioid polar pattern optimized for high gain before feedback. The C 900 also boasts a frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz, which is enhanced by the integrated PB 1000 Presence Boost Adapter that provides a 3dB to 4db peak between 5kHz and 13kHz and allows for better intelligibility and sound. The C 900 features sensitivity at 1kHz of 6mV/Pa, impedance is 200ohms and can handle a maximum SPL of 139dB at 1 percent THD. The C 900 also features a standard three-pin male 24-carat gold plated XLR-type connector.
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Digital monitor

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Accepts loop-thru AES/EBU digital audio via 110ohm XLR and 75ohm BNC and RCA connectors. A 24-bit, 96kHz D/A converter feeds stereo headphone drivers, balanced audio line outputs and a stereo LED meter. Input sample rates of 32, 44.1, 48, 82.2 and 96kHz are decoded and indicated with a front-panel display. A data valid light indicates that there have been no data or transmission errors. Bright, stereo, two-color LED meters are switchable to the D/A converter output and indicate headroom down from 0dBFS. Display ballistics are PPM for optimum indication of audible peaks.
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Control surface

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Numix Selector wedge

An advanced control surface for the company's Audio Engine, the Numix Selector wedge is a digital mixer/router, and is expandable from six to 24 faders. The new Numix Selector Wedge features a large LCD panel with color graphics, improved intercom functions, programmable buttons for executing custom commands and more. The fader wedge sections of the Numix will also be changed in the coming months to include improved displays. Along with the large display, the new Numix Selector Wedge provides a number of fully programmable buttons that can be used for any desired function.
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Audio test and measurement system

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This PC-based audio test and measurement system provides design engineers with the ability to choose performance capabilities to match specific needs and budgets. Analysis capabilities include both harmonic distortion and multi-tone analyzers. The Harmonic Distortion Analyzer decreases an engineer or technician's test time by quickly isolating and identifying circuit problems. The Multitone Analyzer enables fast analysis of frequency response, crosstalk, noise and distortion-eliminating errors, improving accuracy and reducing costs associated with test time. This series of performance tests is carried out in less than one second with a single acquisition. Audio Precision also offers a performance option that increases measurement bandwidth to 120kHz and includes complete digital audio interface tests including waveform and eye pattern displays.
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Power amplifiers

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P series

Built on the Precision Series amplifiers, the P Series brings well-researched and flexible custom modules to a variety of applications. The P1201 and P1202 feature plug-in modules specifically designed to complement EV speakers. All P amplifiers feature modular I/O panels for future options and inputs on XLR with slave out(s). The standard versions, P1201 and P1202, feature XLR and Neutrik Speakon connections, while the contractor versions, P1201i and P1202i, are equipped with Phoenix and barrier strips. All modules feature level control, input/signal present LED, voice-coil-protection, mode switch (FR/Mid-Hi) with status LED and mid-EQ for customer selection between flat or dip. All P amplifiers feature LPN filters and crossovers.
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Universal telephone interface

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This single pack provides audio connections to cell phones, PBX phone systems, and plain analog phone lines. For use with cell phones, simply plug ComPack into the 2.5mm headset jack of your wireless cell phone. The phone will recognize ComPack as a headset, which will disable the mic and speaker in the phone. For PBX systems, unplug the handset from any analog or digital PBX phone and plug the coiled cord into ComPack. With analog phones, plug ComPack into an RJ-11 jack, go off-hook and dial, or answer an incoming call. ComPack also functions as a simple telecom interface for a beltpack intercom system. This allows users to connect the three-pin XLR to a beltpack intercom group for a full duplex, always-on connection to any telephone network.
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Jingle box

Instant 3-Play

With the Instant 3-Play, DL4 users can record a jingle, bed, liner or other file into the DL4 workstation and play it back in up to three places before it is even finished recording. The DL4 workstation is a 2RU high broadcast appliance that records and plays audio from hard disk. The DL4 has four serial ports for control from one, two or three Windows 95/98/NT computers. The Arrakis Instant 3-Play software is run on these PCs allowing up to three studios to play audio at the same time. The Instant 3Play will also allow you the ability to play multiple jingles at the same time in one studio. Control is via touch monitor, mouse, or keyboard.
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