New Products (Feb 2003)

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New Products (Feb 2003)

Feb 1, 2003 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, associate editor

Remote I/O interface

Sierra Automated Systems

This interface provides remote I/O connectivity for the 32KD digital audio network. A module in the 32KD mainframe occupies one universal slot and interfaces 32 channels of audio in and out, plus data to a Riolink remote chassis. The interface connects to the remote location via CAT-5 or fiber optic cabling. The remote chassis occupies 2RU. Also included are 16 RS-485 remote control ports, 16 isolated contact inputs and outputs and general purpose data ports.
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Swing and Eagle

The portable ISDN Swing codec, can connect to U.S. and Euro ISDN networks. The codec, with G.711 and G.722 algorithms and analog hybrid, can be used simultaneously, with the analog line being used as a main or backup circuit. The mixer has three mic inputs, plus an auxiliary in and out, with a VU meter to monitor input/output and compressor/limiter on the output. The 1RU dual-channel ISDN Eagle codec can also connect to U.S. and Euro ISDN networks. Connectivity is available via G.711, G.722 and MPEG LII algorithms to offer as much as 12kHz audio bandwidth using one ISDN B channel and up to 15kHz joint stereo, or 20kHz mono, using two ISDN B channels. Full input and output monitoring is available via LED bar graph meters on the front panel, along with a mic and headset and an external phone connector.
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Analog monitor


The AMM200 analog monitor is a stereo line amplifier and monitor providing balanced XLR line inputs and amplified outputs, stereo headphone drivers and a stereo LED meter. The two-color LED meters are switchable for measuring line input or output levels. Meter ballistics can be switched for peak or average response. Meter range covers -15dB to +12dB in ten 3dB steps. Switched rear-panel RCA jacks allow external self-powered speakers to be controlled from the headphone amplifiers.
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