New Products (May 2006)

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New Products (May 2006)

May 1, 2006 12:00 PM, By Kari Taylor, senior associate editor

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Headset mic


HSC171, HSD 171, HSC 271, HSD 271: The HSC models combine a shock-mounted condenser mic with the K 271 circumaural or the K 171 supra-aural headphones. The HSD models include a shock-mounted dynamic mic with the same headphones. All models incorporate a swiveling mic that allows it to be placed on the left or right without modifying the headset. Intelligent muting on the 271 models automatically silences the microphone when the arm is moved up. Each model features a field-replaceable cable with mini-XLR connector, self-adjusting headbands, shock-mounted microphone capsules to minimize handling noise, closed-back earphones, velour earpads and microphone windscreen.
fax 615-620-3875

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Digital on-air console


DB-32: This console provides 24 channel faders and all the channels offer an A/B input switching function. Any of the following inputs can be assigned to A and B: eight microphone inputs, 12 stereo and four mono analog line inputs and 12 AES/EBU digital inputs. The Channel Control Unit (eight channel strips) supports hot-swapping, enabling the exchange of the units even while on the air. All of the digital inputs and outputs have sample rate converters as standard. Signal processing in the console is done at 48kHz.
fax 615-255-9070

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Acoustic absorbers

Media Specialty Resources

Isopanel, Rollapanel: Available in several sizes, Isopanel absorbers provide sound isolation in a moveable partition. The acoustic absorbers are available in six stock fabrics with an additional 42 fabrics available at an additional cost. Also available in a variety of sizes, the Rollapanel absorbers are equipped with wheels and bases. They are useful for lowering reverberation time in multi-purpose display areas and performance spaces where permanent acoustic treatments are impractical.
fax 415-454-2171

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Sound file player

Fifty Thousand Watt Software

Click2play: This audio file playback software emulates a cart wall by displaying audio files in an on-screen button layout. The software operates in one of three playback modes. In Single Play mode, a sound can play at any one time. In Interrupt mode, a button click can stop the currently playing sound and start a new sound. In Queue Multiple mode, multiple soundfiles can be queued for playback. The program remembers the order in which the soundfile buttons were clicked, and starts the playback of the next sound immediately following the previous sound. The software can extract song titles and artists from the soundfile names and send them to a Simplecast encoder. As many as 140 files per screen can be displayed.



SX42: This four-channel stereo mixer is now available with two digital modules to output four tracks on two AES/EBU lines or two S/PDIF or two optical Toslink outputs.
+41 21 651 0101
fax +41 21 651 0109

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Wireless mic antenna combiner

Sennheiser Electronic

AC3000: This wireless mic antenna combiner uses active circuitry to allow eight transmitters to be connected to one antenna. Occupying 1RU, the unit operates across the UHF range from 470MHz to 870MHz. Combining multiple RF monitoring systems through a single broadband device reduces intermodulation between transmitters and reduces cabling needs.
fax 860-434-1759

Announcer's console

Studio Technologies

Model 212: Adding to the features of the Model 210, the Model 212 features a frequency response from 20Hz to 18kHz from mic in to main out, 0.025 percent THD+N, a S/N ratio of 71dB and a common mode rejection ratio of 68dB at 60Hz. It features an XLR mic input, AES3-ID I/O and a �" TRS headphone jack. The console is powered by 24Vdc through a coaxial power jack. The A/D-D/A converters are 24-bit with a 100dB dynamic range. Its internal sampling rate is 48kHz and its external sampling rate is 32kHz to 96kHz.
fax 847-982-0747

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Monitor mounts


UF-Pro, UA-Pro 100: This mount allows vertical and horizontal adjustment of a monitor after installation, and fits more than 95 percent of current flat plasma and LCD screens made today, including most 37" to 60" screens. The mount is manufactured from heavy gauge steel construction that supports as much as 175lbs. The UA-Pro 100 mount, for 10" to 22" LCD screens weighing up to 30lbs., offers a fully polished chrome finish, full wire management along with full flat, tilt, pivot and landscape and portrait adjustability, with a single touch. All necessary hardware is included for different wall types. Mounting hardware and theft-resistant security fasteners are included.
fax 310-868-2751

Power conditioners

Furman Sound

P-8, PL-8 Pro Series II: These units offer ac line noise filtering and protection in a 1RU package. The P-8 is a 20A power conditioner that includes Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus filtration and protection circuitry. The PL-8 adds Furman's pull-out light tubes with long-lasting LED lamps for front rack illumination.
fax 707-763-1310

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Active studio monitor


Precision D: Precision D active models offer calibrated EQ for mid/near/close field-work in full/half/quarter and eighth space environments, midband and high frequency trim shelving controls, a choice of power and cabinet sizes, and analog and digital input trim facilities. Additional features include a 40mm thick contoured baffle with brushed aluminum inlay, a Dual Concentric constant directivity drive unit, a supertweeter that takes the monitor bandwidth performance to 51kHz, a S/PDIF 96kHz input with slave output to second speaker and a balanced XLR/jack combination input connector.

Turnkey transmission service

Propagation Systems

Tower services: PSI accepts responsibility for all aspects of the RF transmission plant including the commissioning of the transmitter and providing a proof of performance to the customer on completion. PSI provides multiplexers, diplexers, filters and multi-station antennas, as well as rigid and flexible transmission line.
fax 814-472-5676

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Stereo utility mixer

Broadcast Tools

Sum-4: The mixer provides four line-level high impednace inputs, which accept a balanced or unbalanced source; stereo and monaural balanced low-impedance outputs; individual front-panel level controls; stereo micing/link port for input expansion and removable screw terminal connectors.
fax 360-854-9479

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Embedded interface

Statmon Technologies

ECU-86: This embedded remote control system combines 10/100baseT network connectivity with a capability of any combination of 192 total channels and connections. It includes two USB ports and one external serial device connection. The unit permits connection via WAN, LAN, Internet, Bluetooth and Wi-fi.
fax 310-278-6585

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USB Speakers


MA-1EX: These speakers plug and play on any Windows or Mac OS-based system. The speakers also feature a bass enhancer for a fuller sound, 1/8" headphone jack and S/PDIF output. An integrated USB cord wrap is also provided for portable cable management.
fax 360-594-4271

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CD/DVD duplicators

Octave Systems

Copy Master II, Copy Master II Pro 10: The 11-drive Copy Master II provides one-to-11, one-to-9, one-to-seven, one-to-five, one-to-three and one-to-one duplication. It can burn 16x on DVD+R, DVD-R formats and CDs 48x. It duplicates standard 120mm CDs and DVDs and business-card shaped discs and mini CD/DVD formats. The 10-drive Date Safe Copy Master II Pro 10 features stand-alone operation and a front-bay 160 hard drive that can be removed and moved to a secure location. The Pro 10 provides one-to-10, one-to-eight, one-to-six and one-to-four duplication and can duplicate DVDs 16x, 8.5GB Dual Layered DVDs up to 4x and CDs up to 48x.
fax 408-866-4252

Mixer and audio interface


Multimix Firewire: This series includes eight-, 12- and 16-channel analog stand-alone mixers with an integrated 24-bit Firewire interface. Each input channel on the mixer is sent into the computer while a stereo output is received from the computer for monitoring. Other features are eight high-gain mic/line (XLR and �" balanced) inputs with phantom power, two stereo balanced �" line inputs, aux send and stereo aux return. The mixers offer three-band EQ per channel and 24-bit, 44.1/48kHz operation with A/D-D/A conversion.
fax 310-255-3401

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Stereo audio editor

Audion Laboratories

Voxpro 4.0: This latest version includes a 100x zoom that allows quick exact editing and markers to mark while recording or playing back. Voxpro shows a floating window with timeline position and marker titles. Right clicking a title allows note editing and auto play from the marker, and automatic gain control and a peak program VU meter with a 72dB range. The workstations connected to a station's LAN automatically detect each other and stay connected, allowing users to access their password-protected accounts from any Voxpro workstation. The unit can import and edit all formats including MP3. Record the host in one channel, the caller in another and play back in stereo or mono.
fax 206-842-6029

Mic mute

Proco Sound

Panic Button: This mic switch diverts a mic's signal from output A to output B. The unit is useful for remote applications for a talent mic to momentarily feed a cue line. Phantom power from output A feeds the mic at all times, so there is no audible pop in the audio. The unit can also be used as a cough switch for output A, although the cough will be heard on output B.
fax 269-388-9681

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Auralex Acoustics

Space Array: The diffusor combines hemispherical acoustical diffusion with a wood finish. Based on a quasi-random series, the 24" � 24" panels are useful for control rooms, auditoriums, performance venues, listening rooms, home theaters and worship spaces.
fax 317-842-2760

Monitoring unit

RFS Broadcast

RF system monitor: This RF system monitor incorporates 50 configurable inputs, handles as many as 16 transmitters and offers an antenna system with four main feeders. Its primary use is for monitoring forward and reflected transmitter power, and for mimic display of U-link/motorized switch configurations. It can also analyze and store a range of collected data for as long as three years. The system measures peak or true root mean square power of complex waveforms and can compensate for the effects of temperature variations, and independently evaluate non-linear multi-channel systems.
877-737 9675
fax 203-821-3852

Upgrades and Updates

Burk Technology is now shipping the Autopilot 3 broadcast facility control software for the Arc-16. A fully functional demo is available at the Burk website. ( Sequerra has introduced a Performance Loss Module providing alarm capabilities as an option for its M2.0 and M4.0 HD Radio modulation monitors. The module generates alarms when real program silence is detected in HD Radio or analog broadcasts. ( Digital has certified the Audemat-Aztec Navigator HD mobile FM and HD Radio field strength meter. The Navigator HD can decode SPS, SIS, PSD and measure level, time and phase alignment between the analog and the digital signals. ( has shipped the first Optimod-AM 9400 audio processors. This processor features two processing chains: one for AM analog broadcasting and one for netcasting/digital radio broadcasting. ( has been busy signing agreements with several manufacturers to include Livewire connectivity in their products. The manufacturers include Radio Systems, Netia, Broadcast Electronics, D.A.V.I.D. and IDC. (