NTi Audio Issues Noise Monitoring Station, Updates XL2 Sound Level Meter

XL2, which is present in Noise Monitoring Station, now calibrates with IEC61672-3:2013
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TIGARD, Ore.�NTi Audio has debuted a Noise Monitoring Station that works for both short-term sound level measurements and long-term monitoring and features remote control access.

The core of the station is its XL2 Sound Level Meter, which also helps connect the station to the internet through a NetBox. The NetBox serves as an interface for the control of the XL2 and the remote access to the measured data. The monitoring station is connected to the internet via 3G, LAN or Wi-Fi. Operation of the Noise Monitoring Station can be done in either Gateway mode or Managed mode. In either mode, the analysis and post-processing of the measured data is done with the Data Explorer PC-software. It also features a M2230-WP weather-protected microphone designed for outdoor measurements.

NTi has also announced that the XL2 meter that is part of the Noise Monitoring Station is now calibrated according to IEC61672-3:2013. IEC61672-3 is an internationally recognized standard that deals with �procedures for periodic testing of time-weighting and integrating sound level meters.� The current version describes both acoustic measurements and a variety of electrical tests. During the sound level meter calibration the detailed parameters of the XL2 are recorded and compared with the limits specified in the standard.