The new feature is part of NoiseScout

SCHAAN, Lichtenstein — The XL2 Sound Level Meter can now be remotely controlled from a web browser, and recorded measurement data is available for download, NTi Audio says.

To set up remote operation, the XL2 is connected to a NetBox (v1.60 or higher), which transmits the data via 3G or LAN, according to a press release.

The XL2 Sound Level Meter stores measurement data locally, and users can assess available storage space and the current supply voltage via the web browser, the company says. While the measurement is in progress, levels, third-octave spectral data and audio filescan be manually downloaded to a computer or the download can be scheduled to your data server using any FTP software that supports the secure SFTP protocol.

In addition to the SFTP access, all optional remote measurement commands available on the XL2 are supported. Users can program a customized measurement application for remote sound level monitoring, audio analysis or automated measurement tasks.

The new remote control feature is part of NoiseScout, NTi’s unattended noise monitoring solution. The feature gives customers the choice selecting between a flexible remote monitoring and a fully managed service.

NTi Audio provides the infrastructure for the Gateway connection to the XL2 Sound Level Meter. This service is offered as an annual subscription or with a usage-based service model.