NTi Audio Updates XL2 Sound Level Meter

Also introduces FX-SIP
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TIGARD, Ore.�NTi Audio has unveiled the latest version of its XL2 sound level meter, featuring the new �Locked Run� operation mode.

By holding the start button for three seconds, the �Locked Run� feature is activated, which allows the XL2 to begin measuring data immediately and continues until the device is turned off. Also, if the power supply is interrupted the data will once again begin automatically once it is restored. All XL2 sound level meters with firmware V3.03 or higher are already equipped with �Locked Run� mode; it is available for free for all registered XL2 customers.

NTi has also introduced the FX-SIP, a module with a powerful amplifier and impedance measurement capability, designed for the FX100 audio analyzer. The FX-SIP has a power bandwidth of 5 Hz to 50 kHz and can be directly connected with the device being tested. The FX-SIP is now available.