NTi Updates XL2 Remote Measurement Option

Can now query 10 individual levels with single command
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STEVENAGE, ENGLAND�NTi Audio�s XL2 Remote Measurement Option, which is able to connect to users� PCs for easier control, has been updated and now allows users to query 10 individual levels with a single command, as well as retrieve FFT and 1/12 Octave data sets through the API.

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Features of the XL2 include the XL2 Acoustic Analyzer, which measures broadband sound level and high-resolution acoustic frequency spectrum. When connected with the computer, measurements can be recorded and compared with reference values for a pass/fail decision. A Sound Level Meter is also included, which has the ability to detach the measurement microphone from the XL2 and attach with a cable lens for a more flexible test set-up.

The Remote Measurement Option and the Spectral Limits Option for high-resolution FFT and 1/12 Octave data must be individually installed on the XL2, as well as downloading XL2 firmware 3.03 or higher. Downloads are free of charge for registered XL2 customers.