Nugen Audio Brings Pair of New Products to AES139

New SEQ-ST equalizer plug-in and updated Visualizer to be on display
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NEW YORK�Nugen Audio will arrive in New York for the 139th AES Convention with a pair of new products to demonstrate to attendees, the SEQ-ST equalizer, a stereo version of the SEQ-S, with filter morphing feature, as well as an upgrade to its Visualizer, an audio analysis plug-in and standalone metering system.

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The SEQ-ST (shown at right)�is a full-surround sonic sculpting and matching equalizer. Its new filter morphing feature allows fluid morphing between two sets of filter curves under full user control; the morphing feature will also be available in the SEQ-S.

New updates for the Visualizer include a new comparison mode, an upgrade to the Lissajous view, enhancements to intuitive operation and the ability to rapidly adjust. The update is available for both the native and DSP versions of Visualizer.

Nugen Audio will also display the Halo Upmix and support for Leg(m) loudness measurement on the VisLM-H2 loudness meter.

The 139th AES Convention will run from Oct. 29-Nov. 1 in New York. Nugen Audio will be located at booth 719.