Omnia.11 V3.0 Now Available

Provides platform for G-Force Engine Plug-In and Perfect Declipper Plug-Ins
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CLEVELAND�Omnia.11 users can now download v3.0 of the software from Omnia Audio. Among the new functionalities for the updated software is the ability to provide a platform for the optional G-Force Engine plug-in and Perfect Declipper plug-in.

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Omnia.11 v 3.0 features flexible analog, AES/EBU, or Livewire patch points for users to integrate Voltair/Encoder combo into an audio processing chain. A new parametric EQ, including lo and hi shelf, replaces the limiter mixer section in the HD processing chain. Users can also select if HD processing is fed with the signal that goes through the patch point or not. The new bass section now includes upper subharmonic control of Solar Plexus over tonal balance. In addition, the new version adds compatibility with the Day-Sequerra Time Lock system.

With the optional G-Force plug-in, v3.0 can also turbo-charge Omnia.11 sound. The dynamics processing framework enables Omnia.11 to set the overall EQ for consistency. Meanwhile, the Perfect Declipper plug-in uses a new algorithm to replace clipped areas in audio recordings, restoring dynamics and removing distortion.

New Omnia.11 units will feature v3.0 features and the G-Force plug-in as standard. Though G-Force and the Perfect Declipper plug-in can be added to any Omnia.11 with v3.0.