On-air and production console

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On-air and production console

Nov 1, 2000 12:00 PM, BE RADIO STAFF

Studer On-Air 1000: The console comes with 10 channel faders and two master faders, two stereo bargraph meters, two phase correlators, and a monitoring and talkback feature set. The operation concept of the On-Air 1000 is based on the Touch'n'Action concept of the On-Air 2000. Besides the integrated memory, PC cards can be inserted to store preferred microphone settings or console snapshots or both. The On-Air 1000 comes fully equipped and offers machine control interfaces like time sync, clock sync, serial interfaces and two telephone-hybrid controls. Seamless integration with a radio automation system via serial protocol results in a complete broadcast unit. A choice of two models makes the On-Air 1000 suitable for digital and analog environments: one version offers more analog inputs, while the other features more digital inputs.

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