Orban Adds 16-second Upgrade for Optimod-FM 8500

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Orban Adds 16-second Upgrade for Optimod-FM 8500

Feb 1, 2007 9:30 AM

Tempe, AZ - Jan 31, 2007 - Orban has released an upgraded DSP board for the Optimod-FM 8500 that can produce 16.4 seconds of diversity delay for HD Radio installations. The original 8500 hardware produced 8.2 seconds of delay, which was adequate for earlier generations of HD Radio transmission hardware that required about 7.8 seconds.

After the original 8500 hardware was developed, Ibiquity introduced its exgine architecture. In some broadcast manufacturers' implementations, the exgine architecture requires more than 8.2 seconds of analog-signal delay to match the analog and digital signals at an HD Radio receiver. The 16.4-second upgrade makes the 8500 compatible with such exgine-based exciters with an added margin for future developments.

The upgrade only benefits stations using new-generation HD Radio hardware that prevents them from matching their analog and digital channel delays. Other stations do not need the upgrade because it does not affect any other 8500 features.

Beginning in February 2007, all new 8500s will ship with the 16.4-second delay. Any 8500 can be retrofitted in the field with a new DSP board, which can be purchased from Orban customer service at 480-403-8300 or custserv@orban.com. The upgrade process consists of upgrading the 8500's software and then swapping the old and new DSP boards.