Orban Ships Optimod-DAB 6300

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Orban Ships Optimod-DAB 6300

Feb 15, 2007 10:10 AM

Tempe, AZ - Feb 15, 2007 - The Orban Optimod 6300-DAB is now shipping. The 6300 is a multipurpose stereo audio processor for digital radio, digital TV, digital satellite, netcasts, STL protection, audio production and digital mastering.

With 20kHz audio bandwidth and 48kHz internal sampling rate, the 6300 succeeds the Orban Optimod-DAB 6200. The 6300 contains a stereo enhancer, AGC, equalizer, phase-linear multi-band compressor/limiter with two or five bands, and two independent stereo look-ahead peak limiters. The 6300 also includes the CBS Loudness Controller and Orban's new Precode technology, which pre-processes audio to minimize audible artifacts in low bit-rate codecs, such as the Ibiquity HDC codec used in HD Radio.