Pasternack Debuts Power Amplifier for 2-6 GHz Band

PE15A5025 GaN is a 50 W power amplifier
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IRVINE, Calif.�Pasternack has unveiled its new PE15A5025 50 W gallium nitride (GaN) coaxial power amplifier that operates in the 2-6 GHz frequency band. The amplifier is designed to provide high levels of output power and features high output load impedance for port matching over wide bandwidths using lower loss components.

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The PE15A5025 offers 50 dB of small signal gain with a saturated power output level of +47 dBm typical and 30 percent power added efficiency. Output harmonic response is -15 dBc and spurious levels are kept at -70 dBc. The amplifier requires a +28 Vdc power supply and features integrated voltage regulation, basis sequencing circuitry, DC control TTL logic, DC current monitoring and over temperature shutdown at +90 degrees Celsius baseplate temperature. The amplifier uses female SMA input/output RF connectors and a 15 Pin Micro-D Female socket for DC, TTL blanking.

The RF, microwave and millimeter wave product provider is now offering the PE15A5025.