Pasternack Offers New 8-Bit Digital Phase Shifters

Programmable analog phase shifters use TTL logic Interface
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IRVINE, Calif.�The new series of 8-bit digital phase shifters from Pasternack has been released. The new phase shifters can be programmed over a 360-degree range and produce a set of phase states up to 255 total step with 1.4 degree increments. These components cover broadband microwave and millimeter wave frequencies.

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The shifters feature a TTL logic interface that can control phase states. They also feature an integrated hybrid MIC design architecture that offers greater immunity to noise on control lines and provides more uniform performance from unit to unit, as well as a flatter phase response over a wider frequency bandwidth with higher power handling and improved linearity performance.

Available in four models, the phase shifters cover frequency bands from 0.5-37 GHz, with an error range from +/- 0.9 to +/- 5 degrees over eight binary increments with fast switching speed performance from 40 to 450 nsec. Depending on the model, maximum input power varies from +10 dBm to +30 dBm. Additional features include field replaceable SMR or 2.92mm connectors and sub-miniature D multi-pin connectors. All models are compliant with MIL-STD-202F conditions for temperature cycle, humidity, shock, altitude and vibration.