Prism Updates Recording, Editing Software

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Prism Updates Recording, Editing Software

Sep 2, 2014 2:53 PM

CAMBRIDGE, ENGLAND� Prism Sound has announced the release of SADiE Version 6.1, an update to its recording and editing software. Prism Sound has also announced a new pricing structure for its SADiE software packs. The entry level SADiE PRO now starts at UK �445.00 (plus VAT).

SADiE''s WAV Master feature allows users to create WAV files for an album, using PQ marks to define the start and end of the WAV file for each album track. Track titles, artist name and other information is automatically incorporated into these files. SADiE has also introduced a new high quality sample rate conversion algorithm.

This workflow allows SADiE's PQ list to be used as a single source to create WAVs, DDP and CDs.

Prism Sound has also incorporated ISRC in BWF into SADiE's new WAV Master option. This feature is included as part of the Mastering Suite and Sound Suite packs.

SADiE''s Wav Master functionality features support for reading and writing a WAV file's LIST-INFO chunk, and for Track Name and Artist metadata (included in Mastering Suite and Sound Suite packs). Prism Sound has also incorporated 32bit floating point format for recording or bouncing to WAV or BWF, thus allowing engineers to work at the highest possible resolution throughout. There is also the option of creating a profile when making a DDP Image or importing one.

Prism Sound now includes SADIE MTR (Multi-Track Recorder) software in the SADIE6 installer. This will run without license when using an LRX2 or Prism Sound Lyra, Titan, and Atlas, interfaces and requires a license for native operation.